Richard Wallace

Founder/Owner Raw Audio Productions AND Naughty Lizard Records

  • Emmy Award Winning Audio Engineer
  • Experienced Music Producer
  • Talented Musician (guitar, bass, piano, vocals)
  • All around nice guy


"Ric is so easy to work with! He was so nice and professional which really put me at ease!" -Brooke W.



I started out doing live sound in clubs in Columbus, Ohio before being hired at The Recording Workshop of  Chillicothe, OH - a recording school. I trained as an Instructor Trainee, and then Instructor.

I moved to Atlanta, Georgia to work in the television business with Turner Broadcasting System. There, I covered all forms of Studio assignment as well as the Audio Production Room where all VO's were recorded and music packages were edited and mixed. After 5 years at TBS, I moved on to doing Live Remote Mixing as a free lance operator with clients such as World Championship Wrestling along with sports broadcasts for all the major networks, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and ESPN, and music broadcasts for MTv and VH1. Since 1996, I have worked primarily for ESPN, mixing Major League Baseball, College Basketball, ABC College Football, and occasionally NBA, WNBA, LLWS, Red Bull New Years Eve, and a host of other events. Over the years I have worked events as diverse as The Olympics, The Super Bowl, The World Series and MLB Playoffs, The NBA Playoffs, College Bowl games, or concerts like Bonnaroo. I also have an Emmy Award for the 1991 World Series with CBS Sports.